Posted by: bj | March 17, 2013

Americas’ Gene Pool – Going to Hell

The American Gene pool is going to Hell…………………….Click below to see why: 

8 March 2013

Jimmy Kimmel did some on-the-street interviews on Hollywood Blvd. with people about the “Sequester.”

These aren’t low-information voters; they are no-information voters.   They are clueless. They vote in terms of race, feelings, and what other people are telling them. Actually, it’s worse.

The most frightening part of what you’ll see in this three-minute video is how they go on even after admitting that they don’t know anything about what the Sequester is.

And the last one said she voted for Obama because he is black.

These people most likely vote………………and they have no clue what they are voting for.   One day some of  these people will have children.


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