Posted by: bj | April 6, 2023

Detroit and Declining Cities / States

In 1950 Detroit Michigan was the SHINING CITY ON A HILL. The population was 1,850,000.

In 2021, 71 years later, the population of Detroit was 630,000.

Detroit has been run by a liberal democratic politicians, every year for 71 years.

The left leaning politicians are currently causing the loss of population from BLUE states and cities like New York, Philadelphia, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Saint Louis Baltimore, etc. to Red states with lower taxes and more freedom.

The loss of population and thus tax revenue, and increase in crime, in Liberal Blue states will continue the slow destruction of Blue states and cities like Detroit unless the voters solve the problem by electing more conservative politicians.

I appears that the people in Chicago, continue to go down the same road to destruction of the above cities and states in their election of 2 days ago by getting rid of Lori Lightfoot, a horrible mayor for an even worse choice, Brandon Johnson, who wants to get rid of the police and increase taxes.


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