Posted by: bj | April 6, 2023

January 6, 2021 A Setup.


 April 5, 2023

For millions of Americans, the things they were told about events which occurred at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, just didn’t add up. The corrupt mainstream media denounced a demonstration, a protest that turned chaotic, as an insurrection. Anyone and everyone present at the Capitol that day, was deemed a radical anarchist primed to overthrow the government.

But what Americans were not told was the truth. Leftist Democrats manipulated the narrative. These radical liberals have cherry-picked through surveillance video to make the situation appear far worse than it ever was. While there were a select few who triggered riotous violence, for the most part the patriotic Americans present simply used poor judgment.

Sure, there were dozens of protesters who should be held accountable for poor judgment. However, the list of those engaging in felonious criminal activity was minimal. But worst of all, even those who committed more serious crimes were lured into breaking the law. The whole January 6 debacle was staged.

The evidence is overwhelming! Nearly two dozen documented incidents of embedded law enforcement officials triggering the chaos. The left used federal officers, the FBI, and state officials to incite violence. Then, the handpicked what visual evidence was shared with the American public.

What the left had, was a perfectly scripted narrative that made January 6 look like something it simply was not. The FBI planted multiple secret moles inside various groups that attended the January 6 “stop the steal” protests. Some have come clean and admitted to inciting violence. Here’s a list of the more blatant examples of how the left staged the January 6 riots.

Fact 1: The FBI infiltrated the Proud Boys, but the informant has since exonerated the Proud Boys of any conspiracy. Multiple members of the Proud Boys were arrested and falsely charged with crimes they never committed. In fact, a plant triggered the laws they did break.

Fact 2: The FBI has since admitted they began spying operations inside the Proud Boys as early as November 2022. Facts now reveal that the FBI had at least 8 informants secretly planted inside the organization during the months leading to January 6.

Fact 3: The FBI used wiretaps of friends and family members (including children) and spied on January 6 protesters leading up to the actual protest date. They used much of this information to fabricate phony charges against hundreds of such people.

Fact 4: There were nearly two dozen undercover FBI and ATF operatives and three undercover police officers orchestrating operations and directing the crowd. These individuals can be seen on recently released surveillance video opening doors and escorting protesters on January 6.

Fact 5: There have been dozens of individuals, people who were clearly violent, who conveniently have disappeared. Not a single one of these people has been charged with any crime. However, these are the people who caused most of the problems. They were plants.

Fact 6: A Capitol Hill police officer told other officers that the undercover cops had thin wristbands on. No one is certain of the color; the reason is clear. This was a highly coordinated government operation with dozens, perhaps hundreds, of implanted spies.

Fact 7: The final truth may be the most disturbing of all. It has now been revealed that the FBI embedded a federal operative with the legal team of one of the January 6 defendants. Former US Marine Zachary Rehl is a non-violent January 6 prisoner still being held. The corrupt FBI has been exposed for infiltrating Rehl’s defense team with a mole!

These are just a handful of nearly a dozen incidents of corruption within federal and state law enforcement that helped stage January 6. It was not an insurrection. January 6 was a set-up. The left used the chaos to divert attention away from the real issue, a stolen election. Then, they used the incident in yet another bogus attempt to destroy President Trump.

What happened on January 6 is horrific. It truly is a threat to U.S. democracy. However, it’s not what the left would have Americans believe. But what do we do? Do we keep talking about ad nauseam, or do we do something? There must be justice for those wrongfully persecuted. Nevertheless, the best way to fight this corruption is with one weapon, our vote.

Americans across the nation, those of all political ideologies, must band together to stop this corrupt derailment of our democracy. We must all collectively band together to win this battle. It is a war for our nation’s heart and soul.

Every election between now and November 2024, from the smallest community-based special votes to national elections, is the battlefield. Americans must defeat the radical leftists’ push to take over our country. We must do it with our vote, and we must do now it or else!

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